espresso portafilter with freshly ground coffee in it
Our Story

Who doesn't love a cup of great tasting coffee? Quality, consistency and knowledge all need to come together to make this incredible drink taste its best. High standards is what led our owner, Ted, to create what is known today as Cornerstone Coffee Roasters. It all started with coffee dates with his wife. On these coffee dates, Ted would enjoy the coffee quality one visit and not the next, all the while paying top dollar for the drinks regardless of the consistency in quality. Over time, Ted became frustrated with the ability to get a consistently good coffee drink. Recognizing that the barista's consistency plays a big factor,  Ted bought his own espresso machine and set out to master the art of making good consistent coffee drinks. That passion then led to the next step which was to take control of the main ingredient, the roasted coffee beans. Ted's passion for enjoying a  consistently great coffee drink has led him all over the world visiting coffee farms and espresso equipment manufacturers. Today, Ted and his son, Grant, are a dynamic father-son team that strive for delivering the best possible coffee experience to their customers through providing the freshest roasted coffee delivered direct to your home.